I’m deeply grateful for these kind words from clients and thank them for letting me be part of their journey!


Feeling elated with the wonderful session I had with Mikki today. She is a deep, skilled and compassionate healer. What was brought to light was so peaceful yet intense. My body and energy system released and integrated a new way of being. Her work is beautiful and profound. Anyone looking to connect with deeper levels of the self and find wholeness, Mikki Baloy’s work will support you in getting there. ~ Allison Pagano, dancer, Montvale, NJ 



I have gained more from my short session with Mikki than I ever imagined:  inspiration, guidance and many positive changes in my perspective.  With the help of my power animal and spirit lodge, I can now choose the most crucial life changes and when to make them.  Thanks again, Mikki!

~Eric Sandberg, executive, Stamford, CT


A number of shifts have taken place within me … I am so elated by the resulting healing that continues to take place.  particularly strong shift has surprised and delighted me, with regard to better communication and understanding with my partner. I am grateful for your assistance.  It is reassuring to know that you are out there working with sincerity, a strong skill set, and an open heart.

~Claudia, artist, Rhode Island


I am just giddy over here with what’s been unfolding since our session. I feel a clearing that hasn’t been there for months, and I’m finding room for so much more aliveness, openness, and peace. I have much gratitude for the tools you offered for me to continue my healing.

~Bethany, writer, Boulder CO


I have worked with Mikki several times now, and I get so much out of it every time. Recently I came to her feeling tense, agitated, and off-center, and after our session, I felt as though my sharp edges had been blunted and my soft, open, tender heart had resurfaced.  I felt more “me” again, almost instantly. (insert sigh of relief)  A lot of things came up for me to look at, and I received much clarity about the next steps to take in my life. She is truly a gifted, and almost understated, healer. With her gentle touch and peaceful presence, her power really sneaks up on you.  Such a blessing to have her in my life!

~David, Brooklyn NY

Sending you a note of thanks for such a special way to START the weekend on Friday night!! Your bonfire yoga gathering class was so wonderful and unlike anything I was ever a part of….your light, your good spirit of welcoming community, and your permeating love for us was so so beautiful.

~Gina, White Plains


Mikki’s guidance throughout our evening of shamanic journeying and fire ceremony was a gentle but fiercely clear force, opening safe passage for my intentions and energetic shift. Her healing presence is compassionate, her discernment is sharp, and her focus is unwavering. If you want a loving, intelligent, and uniquely grounded healer, call her.

~Naina Dewan, Dance Educator/ Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique


Such a gentle yet powerful presence….

~Kathleen, Massachusetts


I felt immediately comfortable with Mikki.  From the get-go, my session was more profound than I imagined it would be.  When I performed a fire ceremony she gave me as “homework,” I realized it was a lovely metaphor beyond the purpose we had identified — to not be afraid of my own fire!

~Dana B., actress, Manhattan


Mikki is very easy to talk to and showed me a new way to look at myself and my specific issue.  Over the next few weeks I was reminded almost daily of our session, and of the new way she taught me to look at myself.  She is a very thoughtful and thorough practitioner.

~ Kat V.  Massage therapist,  Mt. Kisco, NY


Spending time with Mikki was a delight!  She is warm & passionate about helping others.  After a session with Mikki I felt at peace.  Spend time with her and you’ll grow to appreciate her as much as I do.

~Bill F., healer,  Cortlandt Manor, NY


Mikki creates a sacred and safe place for your heart to be cared for and experience just what it needs. I experienced a lovely sense of coming home to myself and embracing my inner wisdom.

~ Regina, non-profit communications, White Plains, NY


Simply amazing. I left with a sense of “Oh, it’s THAT easy!” to share my struggles and triumphs, connect with my physical self, and love my body just the way it is now. I’m taking better care of myself, including carefully choosing clothes that look good on this body I have RIGHT NOW (not the body I’ll have in 5, 10, 100 pounds). Thanks for a wonderful experience!

~Missy, market researcher, White Plains, NY


Educational and inspirational!  The positive energy from the experience is still with me.

~Ann, Bronxville, NY


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