Healing Sessions

If you’ve tried everything,


If you are ready to finally feel better and initiate something new in your life,


If you are feeling drawn or called to holistic approaches or alternative therapies,


If you are longing for wonder, connection, and a new sense of yourself, 


 You have come to the right place.

Shamanic healing sessions for individuals and couples are available in-person in Rockland County and by Skype, Facetime, and phone, so we can work together no matter where you live.  If you’re truly ready for a shift, you’ll leave with new tools, resources, ideas, and inspiration. DSC_4451.JPG

Each session is different and may combine shamanic methods, spiritual counseling, intuitive guidance/divination, and more.  They are always done in safe and sacred space with the intention to support your best and highest good.

  • Create genuine change
  • End old habits and patterns
  • Heal – in mind, body, and spirit
  • Receive support for new intentions
  • Welcome transformation and ease transitions
  • Access spiritual guidance
  • Cut the cords that bind you to habitual patterns and ways of thinking
  • Resolve trauma
  • Clear karmic conditioning and blocks to your progress

Sessions are about an hour long.


My office is located at 2 Strawtown Rd, West Nyack, NY.  Office hours vary.  Long-distance sessions are available.

If scheduling a session or paying in advance, please use Paypal:





Click here to read the FAQ about Private Healing Sessions.



I won’t say I was skeptical because I know all ”this” exists. Sometimes I am skeptical about people and you were no let down. Honestly, you have a lovely peaceful way about you which makes it very easy to trust you and follow your lead. I must say I was really blown away by the whole experience and what you were able to enable me to accessI’ve felt like some of the anxiety is lessening. My friend insists that I am completely different and more solid and stable. There is definitely good stuff going on inside and around me. I feel a little lighter and generally more peaceful which is exactly what I was in need of. I am looking forward to continuing this process with you as I am sure there are more layers to peel away. I am immensely grateful for what you have already helped me with.  ~DM, contractor, Stamford, CT


For more than a decade, I had a paralyzing fear of driving. Just sitting in the driver’s seat would sometimes trigger a panic attack, and I was forced to rely on the patience and schedules of friends and family to get around. When I finally decided to conquer my fear, a friend suggested I work with Mikki, who, with her tremendous heart, grace, and intuition, helped me work through the roots of my fear. Less than two months later, I’m thrilled to report I am (finally!) a licensed driver. Mikki made me feel safe, heard, and empowered; I can’t recommend her services enough.
~Olivia B, non-profit administrator, San Diego, CA


Mikki and I did my session by Skype and that was so helpful–from the moment the video came on and I could *see* Mikki, I started to relax.  She was calm, centered, and patient right from the beginning.  She guided me through the process in a gentle, compassionate way.  I never felt rushed, or confused, or ashamed.  About a week later, I realized the pain and fear around memories of something that had happened repeatedly in my childhood were completely gone.  I’m so glad that I had a session with Mikki, and can’t believe how effective her work was in clearing away that big thorny issue.
~ J.A., North Carolina



*I have never been asked to issue a refund and your satisfaction is important to me. Please be in good communication with me if you are unsatisfied with your session or feel you need additional support. Cancellation policy: no problem the first time /I reserve the right to request a $25 fee for any subsequent reschedules

Shamanic work is an excellent complement to other healing modalities, and is not meant to replace the advice or assistance of medical professionals.