For Standing Rock

Our Mother Earth knows that her children are fighting over her.   She knows that one group is dancing, singing, praying to make sure she stays safe and well, for her own sake and for the sakes of all those who call her home.  And she knows that another group has become greedy, ignorant, and cruel. Even as they rape her, she gives them food and shelter. She knows this. She’s watching it happen, feels it deep within her as the drills and shovels and machines dig into her bones and veins.  She feels the footsteps of those who come peacefully just as surely as she feels the pounding of the jackhammers. She knows. Our Mother doesn’t want us to fight. She sees the weapons and dogs, and still she asks for peace. Peace within us, peace between us, peace as we walk upon her.

So we make some prayers together, as a family of people who haven’t met yet but share a home.

Creator, there are some among us who do not know just how greedy they’ve become. Some of our brothers and sisters have forgotten that our Mother feeds them every day. This is what her love is like and she teaches us to be this way, too.  Even as they try to take what isn’t theirs, she sends the birds and the winds and even other humans to try to bring them back to her fold. We pray that they pay attention. We pray that they stop and listen, remembering where every meal has come from, remembering the sweetness of rushing rivers and placid lakes. We pray that they realize– even for one moment — that all is well, that there is nothing more they need to take.   Let them remember, let them feel, let their hearts and minds be changed.

We make this prayer together: that all beings may move freely on the earth, knowing that there is plenty for everyone, that Mother provides, that we are responsible for each other’s well-being here. Creator, may we remember now.

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  1. Mother calls for 3 days of complete silence..
    It is mandatory all who love her to dance a large circle.. only the shuffle steps will be heard.. she needs the people to become her…
    Not one original word for 3 days…
    Children in the center
    Young people in a middle row
    Elders in the outer row
    That ripples and,changes like a river
    Step step shuffle each person the sound of mother shifting…
    Concentrate on healing her calling to her in the full mind of her people

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