Mark a special time for yourself, your family, or your community with a customized   ceremony.  I will work closely with you to be sure your intentions and desires for your day are communicated clearly and with love.  I can also help set up sacred space and suggest readings, additional support, and special touches.  Contact me anytime to get started!

Ceremony creates sacred space to acknowledge a transition as we move from one chapter of life to another.  In ceremony, we articulate our prayers, needs, and desires in a way that is safely witnessed and supported by our loved ones and by Spirit.  Ceremony is a punctuation mark in a busy life, a way to understand the new truth we’re living, with all of our senses.  It brings our ideas and intentions into everyday reality.


Weddings/ Vow Renewal

Blessing Way for the expectant mama

Baby Namings – an alternative or addition to christening, baptism, or bris   DSC02722

Adoption/ Blended Family celebration



Rites of Passage

Personal transition

Solidarity/Community Building

Despacho (Andean prayer mandala)

Ancestor honoring